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KERS? You’re Not Really Going To Bring Them Back?

Around 2008, some clever individuals in F1 came up with an amazing idea. They would take kinetic energy produced from braking and all that, then turn it into power. Oh yes; can you feel it? No? Well, that's probably due to the fact that the hybrid cars they stuck together gave us a tiddly-piddly amount of oomph. 60kw to be exact. And with the weight of them; the limited amount of energy, 400 kilojoules (kj), and their cost to develop, a cool £40 mill or so per team, they never did quite catch on. No doubt, I say, that give it a decade and we'll all be asking: "what were we thinking?" But, as it turns out, these under-bonnet elephants might make a return. What? Are they loco? I sense a few problems with reattaching a lawnmower engine t...

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